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The Complete Doctor Collection (UK-import) (DVD)

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A box set of all seven of the 'Doctor' films. In 'Doctor in the House' (1954) junior doctor Simon Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde) gains a position at St Swithin's Hospital in London and ends up sharing 'digs' with a bunch of slightly older young medics, all of whom have failed the previous year on account of their inability to keep to the curriculum. Sparrow tries to find a balance between the antics of his new peers and the ever-terrifying Sir Lancelot Spratt, chief surgeon at St Swithin's and a man on the lookout for miscreant doctors wherever they may be. Menaced by the advances of his landlady's daughter, and feelings for one of the nurses, will Sparrow be able to qualify? In 'Doctor at Sea' (1955) Sparrow (Bogarde) becomes a ship's doctor on a sea-going freighter, runs into trouble with the Captain and performs an impromptu appendix operation. Brigitte Bardot appears, in her first British film role, as the love interest. 'Doctor at Large' (1957) Sparrow (Bogarde) is a qualified doctor and working in Casualty. However, when he is rather rude to a very important patient he is fired. Sparrow soon gets another job but finds that, despite the perks of constant attentive females, he still yearns to become a surgeon. Can he succeed? 'Doctor in Love' (1960) sees Michael Craig starring as Dr Richard Hare (taking over from Bogarde's lead role of Simon Sparrow). Hare finds himself a patient at his own hospital and falls for the charms of Nurse Nightingale (Moira Redmond)... and then Dr Barrington (Virginia Maskell). 'Doctor in Distress' (1963) sees Dirk Bogarde returning as the young doctor Simon Sparrow, and finds himself trying to manage Sir Lancelot Spratt's love life. However, this puts pressure on Sparrow's own relationship with a young pysiotherapist (Samantha Eggar). 'Doctor in Clover' (1966) focuses on the character of Gaston Grimsdyke (Leslie Phillips). A chance meeting with Sir Lancelot Spratt leads the young doctor to a position in a new hospital, which eventually leads to chaos. In the final film 'Doctor in Trouble' (1970) troubles befall Dr Burke (Leslie Phillips) when he stows away on an ocean liner and poses as a female photographer. Once more the young doctor runs into the authorative figure of a Spratt, but this time it is Sir Lancelot's brother Captain Spratt (Robert Morley).
Produksjonsår 2012 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger Komedie
Antall disker 7 Aldersgrense 7
Undertekster Engelsk Regissør Ralph Thomas
Skuespillere Alfie Bass, Angela Scoular, Ann Gudrun, Ann Heywood, Ann Lynn, Arthur Haynes, Barbara Murray, Brenda De Nanzie, Brigitte Bardot, Carole Lesley, Dennis Price, Derek Farr, Dirk Bogarde, Donald Houston, Donald Sinden, Edward Chapman, Elizabeth Ercy, Eric Barker, Fenella Fielding, Frank Finlay, Fred Emney, Freddie Jones, Geoffrey Keen, George Coulouris, Gladys Henson, Graham Chapman, Graham Stark, Harry Locke, Harry Secombe, Hubert Gregg, Irene Handl, James Kenney, James Robertson Justice, Janet Mahoney, Jeremy Lloyd, Jessie Evans, Jill Adams, Joan Sims, John Fraser, John Le Mesurier, Kay Kendall, Kenneth More, Leo McKern, Leslie Phillips, Lionel Jeffries, Liz Fraser, Maurice Denham, Mervyn Johns, Michael Craig, Michael Flanders, Michael Hordern, Michael Medwin, Moira Redmond, Muriel Pavlow, Mylène Demongeot, Nicholas Parsons, Nicholas Phippotts, Noel Purcell, Reginald Beckwith, Richard Briers, Robert Hutton, Robert Morley, Samantha Eggar, Shirley Anne Field, Shirley Eaton, Simon Deeming, Suzanne Cloutier, Terry Scott, Virginia Maskell Bestillingsnummer 3711535453
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