Da Vinci Code Decoded (DVD)

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Dan Brown's wildly popular bestseller THE DA VINCI CODE struck a chord with readers unlike anything the publishing world had ever seen. Constructing a mystery around various conspiracy theories, he drew upon myths surrounding the bloodline of Christ, Mary Magdalene, and the Holy Grail. Brown connected them with Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci, his involvement with the secret society of the Knights of Templar, and the posited messages encoded in his most famous paintings. Martin Lunn's answer to Brown's novel, upon which this documentary is based, fills in the background information on these formerly obscure topics. Lunn draws together a wealth of information to flesh out the truth behind the mystery; his book, THE DA VINCI CODE DECODED, reached bestseller status itself, and this documentary delves further into the controversy that continues to mystify and intrigue people the world over. Shot on location in Paris, London, and Scotland, this exploration features candid discussions with all the key scholars of the field, including Dan Brown himself. Lunn provides the real history of the Catholic offshoot Opus Dei, which appears in the book, as well as little-known facts about the bloodline of Christ, the origins of the Knights of Templar, the Priory of Scion, Temple Church, Rosslyn Cathedral, and many other disputed topics.


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