Death Cab For Cutie - Directions (DVD - SONE 1)

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Directions is an ambitious song-by-song visual supplement to Death Cab for Cutie's excellent 2005 Plans release. Proposals from around the world were submitted to the band, and a budget was allowed for 13 finalists to create videos that would translate their visions into reality. The results range from the existential and tragic ("Marching Bands of Manhattan," "What Sarah Said") to the innocent and charming. Rob Schrab's animation to "Crooked Teeth" is quite easily the highlight of the disc, and also noteworthy is Autumn DeWilde's interpretation of "Different Names for the Same Thing," which features an elementary school marching band redoing the song in mildly out-of-tune glory.


  1. Marching Bands of Manhattan
  2. Soul Meets Body
  3. Summer Skin
  4. Different Names for the Same Thing
  5. I Will Follow You into the Dark
  6. Your Heart Is an Empty Room
  7. Someday You Will Be Loved
  8. Crooked Teeth
  9. What Sarah Said
  10. Brothers on a Hotel Bed
  11. Stable Song
  12. Jealousy Rides with Me - (bonus feature)
  13. Talking Like Turnstiles - (bonus feature)
  14. Band Interview - (bonus feature)
  15. Directors' Statements and Profiles - (bonus feature)


Produksjonsår 2006 Format DVD
Sone Sone 1 Sjanger Musikk
Antall disker 1 Skuespillere Death Cab For Cutie
Artist Death Cab For Cutie Bestillingsnummer ATL53166DVD
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