Edgar Wallace Anthology (UK-import) (DVD)

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All 47 of the feature-length TV dramas from 'Edgar Wallace Mysteries', the 1960s series filmed at Merton Park Studios and based on the stories by Edgar Wallace. The episodes are: 'Urge to Kill', 'Clue of the Twisted Candle', 'Marriage of Convenience', 'The Man Who Was Nobody', 'Partners in Crime', 'The Clue of the New Pin', 'The Fourth Square', 'October Moth', 'The Man at the Carlton Tower', 'The Clue of the Silver Key', 'Attempt to Kill', 'Man Detained', 'Never Back Losers', 'The Sinister Man', 'Backfire!', 'The White Trap', 'Candidate for Murder', 'Flat Two', 'The Share Out', 'Number Six', 'Time to Remember', 'Solo for Sparrow', 'Playback', 'Locker Sixty-Nine', 'Death Trap', 'The Set-Up', 'Incident at Midnight', 'The £20,000 Kiss', 'On the Run', 'Return to Sender', 'Ricochet', 'The Double', 'The Rivals', 'To Have and to Hold', 'The Partner', 'Accidental Death', 'Five to One', 'Downfall', 'The Verdict', 'We Shall See', 'Who Was Maddox?', 'Face of a Stranger', 'Act of Murder', 'Never Mention Murder', 'The Main Chance', 'Game for Three Losers', 'Change Partners', 'Strangler's Web' and 'Dead Man's Chest'.
  • Interactive Menus
Produksjonsår 2013 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger Krim
Antall disker 20 Aldersgrense 12
Undertekster Engelsk Skuespillere Alan Macnaughton, Alfred Burke, Allan Cuthbertson, Anton Diffring, Barbara Shelley, Barry Foster, Bernard Archard, Bernard Lee, David Knight, Dawn Addams, Elvi Hale, Francis De Wolff, Harry H. Corbett, Hazel Court, Jack Hedley, Jack Watling, Jennifer Daniel, John Bentley, John Cairney, John Crawford, John Thaw, Katherine Blakemore, Lee Montague, Lisa Daniely, Maxine Audley, Michael Goodliffe, Michael Gough, Nigel Stock, Patrick Magee, Paul Daneman, Richard Leech, Zena Marshall
Bestillingsnummer 7953843

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