Edison - The Invention Of The Movies (DVD - SONE 1)

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This 4-DVD set includes 140 complete Edison Company films from 1891-1918 restored and newly mastered for DVD with all new scores including Monkeyshines, Camera Experient, The Barbershop, Annabelle Butterfly Dance, Annie Oakley, Dickson experimental sound film, Mr. Edison at Work, The Kiss, Moma restoration of The Great Train Robbery as well as over 30 other Edwin S. Porter films, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Watermel Patch, Three American Beauties, San Francisco Earthquake, Laughing Gas, Rescued From the Eagle's Nest, New York Today, Thirty Days Of Hard Labor, Wonders Of Magnetism, and The Unbeliever (starring von Stroheim), plus 2 hours of interviews with archivists, more.


  • Two hours of video interviews with archivists and cinema scholars, discussing specific films, the Edison Studios and efforts to preserve the Edison legacy
  • Photo archives of more than 200 documents from MOMA's Edison Collection
  • Detailed film notes by Charles Musser, the world's leading authority on the Edison studio


Format DVD Sone Sone 1
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