Freedom Call - Live In Hellvetia: Special Edition (2DVD+2CD)

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It isn't hard to understand why young headbangers who aren't old enough to remember the '70s/'80s heyday of power metal are drawn to Freedom Call's live shows. On-stage, Freedom Call take listeners back to a time in which metal concerts were more than concerts; they were shows, theatrical events, musical circuses, larger-than-life spectacles. And Live in Hellvetia captures everything that was extravagant and pompous about metal shows back in the '70s and '80s. Recorded at the Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland on December 29, 2010, Live in Hellvetia (which is available in both DVD and double-CD versions) documents a 21st century show by a band that didn't exist until 1999 but has remained stubbornly dedicated to the metal of a bygone era. Many of the young Swiss metalheads in that audience were no doubt too young to have experienced Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, or Queensrÿche live when those bands were at the height of their popularity, but it's evident that Freedom Call were determined to give them a '70s/'80s-like experience. And during the course of 102 minutes, Freedom Call touch on many of the highlights of their career with performances of material from 1999's Stairway to Fairyland, 2001's Crystal Empire, and 2002's Eternity as well as 2007's Dimensions and 2010's Legend of the Shadowking. And through it all, Freedom Call's 2010 lineup (lead singer/guitarist Chris Bay, lead guitarist Lars Rettkowitz, bassist Samy Saemann, and drummer Klaus Sperling) aren't keeping it real, but rather, are keeping it in the fantasy realm. The Pratteln show heard on Live in Hellvetia offers a big dose of nonstop fantasy, which is exactly what the audience came to experience. Live in Hellvetia is an exciting document of the German power metallers' late-2010 appearance in Pratteln, Switzerland. ~ Alex Henderson


  1. <b>DVD 1:</b>
  2. We are one
  3. United Alliance
  4. Thunder God
  5. Tears of Babylon
  6. Blackenend Sun
  7. Queen of my world
  8. Out of the ruins
  9. Hunting High and Low
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Metal Invasion
  12. Merlin – Requiem
  13. Merlin – Legend of the Past
  14. The Quest
  15. Warriors
  16. A Perfect Day
  17. Far Away
  18. Mr. Evil
  19. Land of Light
  20. Freedom Call
  21. Hymn to the Brave
  22. <b>DVD 2:</b>
  23. Interviews
  24. Documentaries
  25. <b>CD 1:</b>
  26. We are one
  27. United Alliance
  28. Thunder God
  29. Tears of Babylon
  30. Blackenend Sun
  31. Queen of my world
  32. Out of the ruins
  33. Hunting High and Low
  34. Drum Solo
  35. Metal Invasion
  36. <b>CD 2:</b>
  37. Merlin – Requiem
  38. Merlin – Legend of the Past
  39. The Quest
  40. Warriors
  41. A Perfect Day
  42. Far Away
  43. Mr. Evil
  44. Land of Light
  45. Freedom Call
  46. Hymn to the Brave


Produksjonsår 2011 Format 2DVD+2CD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger Musikk
Antall disker 4 Skuespillere Freedom Call
Artist Freedom Call Bestillingsnummer SPV309080
Leverandør Playground