GG Allin - Live And Pissed (DVD - SONE 1)

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GG Allin was a menace to society, and a god to those who opposed society's rules. His stage antics, which included performing in the nude, smearing excrement all over himself and the audience, attacking the audience, and mutilating himself became his statement against authority. GG became notorious, opposed by the law and conformists, yet increasingly embraced by the punk rock community. Assembled with the authorization of the man himself, this footage documents GG's first performance in San Francisco. Captured in November of 1988 at the Covered Wagon Saloon, footage includes exerpts of the pre-show soundtrack, casual backstage conversation with fans and friends, and the night's entire live performance. "Live and Pissed" portrays both the lighter and the darker sides of one of rock's most contriversial artists.


Produksjonsår 1988 Format DVD
Sone Sone 1 Sjanger Musikk
Antall disker 1 Aldersgrense Ingen
Lydformater Stereo 2.0 (Engelsk) Bildeformater Fullscreen 4:3
Skuespillere GG Allin Artist GG Allin
Bestillingsnummer MVD3242DVD Leverandør Import