Herb Alpert - Live At Montreux 1996 (DVD)

Herb Alpert - Live At Montreux 1996 (DVD)

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After a self-imposed hiatus from recording following the release of his first designated jazz album Midnight Sun -- and the sale of his A&M label to PolyGram -- Herb Alpert teamed up with smooth jazz keyboardist Jeff Lorber for yet another new sound. Second Wind was the first result of this brief collaboration, and this rare live gig at the 1996 Montreux Jazz Festival -- released ten years later on DVD -- was a belated second. It is musically superior to Second Wind -- livelier, funkier, in every way a better showcase for Alpert's looser, jazzier post-'80s trumpet and Lorber's own fluid synthesizer soloing. Each of the seven tunes reprised from Second Wind sound more lived-in, less mechanical, more musical. Alpert's signature timbre, his streak of melancholia, and canny use of space haven't changed much since his Tijuana Brass days. What was different at this point was his willingness to stretch out -- placing his terrific gift for melody in the service of jazz improvisation -- and his increasing fondness for playing swampy, pithy muted trumpet in subdued interludes. Alpert also revisits a number of tunes from the deep past, completely retooling "The Lonely Bull" to the Jeff Lorber Band soul/funk line, turning "A Taste of Honey" into an introspective jazz rumination on muted trumpet that assumes its familiar bravado only at the end. However, Alpert had not performed regularly in a long time; he seems shy and not too comfortable speaking to the audience, though he moves easily and gracefully to the grooves of the Lorber Band. Also, "Spanish Flea" twice breaks down; it may have been an off-the-cuff choice and Alpert apparently couldn't remember how the arrangement ended. The camera work is generic for a live music video, with plenty of slow-moving roving shots, extreme close-ups, and backed with excellent 5.1 surround sound. At this writing, this was the only Herb Alpert video on the market -- and as such, though it illustrates his deepening as a musician, it doesn't represent this performer at the time of his biggest influence and mass appeal. Perhaps Alpert or someone else will unearth his three Tijuana Brass television specials of the '60s for DVD. ~ Richard S. Ginell 322297 More highly melodic progressive rock, this time built around longer songs and extended instrumental passages -- among the latter, "Munich," which was alternately titled "Munich 1938: Appeasement Was the Cry; Munich 1970: Mine to Do or Die," was surprisingly accessible at nine minutes and change, built on Peter Jennings' extended organ cadenzas embellished with John Culley's crisp electric guitar flourishes, all wrapped around a pleasing array of melodies that easily carry the song's length. The three extended numbers that comprised the original LP's side two also make for fascinating listening, Angus Cullen's McCartneyesque vocals calling to mind the Moody Blues in their prime, while the band's hard, at times slightly jazzy, instrumental attack evokes echoes of Caravan with, perhaps, a touch of the most energetic of Deep Purple's Jon Lord-spawned classical experiments. The group's downfall may have been their reliance on virtuosity, as opposed to raw wattage and brute force in their attack -- with Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Keith Emerson was bringing crowds of 20,000 teenagers at a time to their feet by abusing his organ, while as part of Cressida, Peter Jennings on "Let Them Come When They Will" plays the kind of break that would have wowed them in a club in front of maybe 200 people (while Cullen's singing takes on a resemblance to Jim Morrison in the middle of the track). It's all sort of the difference between relating to one's music and audience on a retail basis, as opposed to wholesale -- Cressida never got past the former, and it makes Asylum a very pleasing album but also a very demanding one. ~ Bruce Eder


  1. Rise
  2. Drivin' Home
  3. Sneakin' In
  4. Rendezvous
  5. Lonely Bull
  6. Spanish Flea
  7. My Funny Valentine
  8. Side Steppin'
  9. Across The Bridge
  10. Taste Of Honey
  11. Sugar Cane
  12. This Guy's In Love With You


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