I Married An Angel (DVD)

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With a lilting "Tira Lira La," a bevy of Budapest beauties show up for the birthday celebration of the town's most eligible bachelor, Count Palaffi (Nelson Eddy). Weary of their scheming attentions, the wealthy playboy slips away to his room... and dreams the fanciful escape of I Married An Angel.

That angel is Jeanette MacDonald, starring with Eddy for the eighth time. The two stars are delightful as ever, harmonizing the Rodgers and Hart title tune and more in heavenly fashion. And the story has all the puffy-cloud imaginativeness you'd expect. This whimsical bon-bon of a film marked the end of the legendary MacDonald-Eddy pairings. They were to silver screen operetta what Astaire and Rogers were to dance. There's never been anyone else like them. There never will be again.


Produksjonsår 1942 Format DVD
Sone Sone 0 - NTSC Sjanger Musical
Antall disker 1 Spilletid 1 timer 25 minutter
Lydformater Stereo 2.0 (Engelsk) Bildeformater Widescreen 16:9 Anamorphic
Regissør W.S. Van Dyke Skuespillere Binnie Barnes, Edward Everett Horton, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Reginald Owen
Bestillingsnummer WARA645029DVD