Keith Emerson Band - Moscow (DVD)

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Apparently, there is no explaining how the heavily edited DVD version of this 2008 concert actually made it out before this double CD of the entire show, but at least the CD set is out now. On Moscow, the Keith Emerson Band includes ace session guitarist, vocalist, and composer Marc Bonilla (who's toured before with Toy Matinee), bassist Travis Davis, and drummer Tony Pia, who, while currently a member of the Doobie Brothers, has also played with Edgar Winter and Brain Setzer. The program features numerous Emerson, Lake & Palmer nuggets (including a 35-plus-minute "Tarkus"), some brief Emerson originals (film cues from his soundtrack work), a pair of Bonilla pieces, and two co-writes between Bonilla and Emerson. There are also idiosyncratic adapted -- and sketchy -- readings of classical works by Bartók ("The Barbarian") and Tchaikovsky ("Nutrocker"). The ELP material is better than serviceable, having the luxury of both a bassist and a guitarist; Bonilla's considerable chops add depth, texture, and very different nuances to the originals. Emerson and Bonilla arranged the material together, so it's natural that the guitar is an equal foil for Emerson's still quite fiery and technical keyboard playing. That said, in a few places -- "Tarkus," the extended (nearly ten-minute) version of "Lucky Man," and "Piano Concerto" -- Bonilla's six-string pyrotechnics almost steal the show. The biggest shortcoming here is his voice, which doesn't possess any of the theatrical resonance or grandeur of Greg Lake's, even though he attempts a direct impersonation -- adding a wholly rockist vibe to the proceedings that feels forced. The sound quality is pristine, fully balanced, and shockingly warm for CD. It carries the kinetic force of a live recording with the sonics of a studio offering. Criticism aside, Emerson's still large and fanatical fan base will no doubt be delighted that the CD version is finally available for purchase. ~ Thom Jurek 914686 This may be one of the most complete compilations ever issued on Shirley Bassey, but it's also one of the kookiest. Here are 48 tracks ranging over 16 years, from 1959 and her earliest attempts at rock & roll singing to her showstopping power singing in 1975 with the title track. No complaints here; virtually every song you could ever associate with Bassey is collected here, as well as a number of surprises that you wouldn't necessarily, such as "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "On a Wonderful Day Like Today," for example. But the arrangement of the material here is truly confounding: disc one begins in the 1970s and disc three in the early '60s, with material from the late '50s wedged stealthily in the middle of disc two. And while I am sure there is a fine aesthetic reason for putting this massive compilation together this way, it has escaped me despite the fact that I've spent far too long trying to figure it out. The sound on these tracks is remastered and therefore even the older stuff sounds great; the presentation is a little generic -- other than titles, songwriting credit, and the year of release, there is absolutely no information given -- but the price is right, with a triple package selling for just under two CDs. For Bassey fans, this will prove a great set of hits to pop on the box; for the uninitiated, this may be a bit intimidating to handle all at once. Nonetheless, the quality of what is here cannot be denied or even trifled with. This is still a finer compilation than any that has been released in the United States. ~ Thom Jurek


  1. Karn Evil
  2. Piano Concerto
  3. Bitches Crystal
  4. Malambo
  5. Touch and Go
  6. Lucky Man
  7. Miles Away
  8. Miles Away
  9. Crusaders Cross
  10. Fugue
  11. Marche Train
  12. Finale
  13. The Barbarian
  14. Tarkus
  15. Nutrocker Suite


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