King Crimson - Neal And Jack And Me: Live 1982-1984 (DVD)

King Crimson - Neal And Jack And Me: Live 1982-1984 (DVD)

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Since their inception in 1969, King Crimson has consistently defied categorization, while continually being an innovative force in music, influencing generations to come, and paving the way for bands like Nine Inch Nails and Tool. With an ever-evolving sound that has developed over the four decades that King Crimson has been making music, the prog-rock pioneers moved into a more accessible, pop-driven sound with their album THREE OF A PERFECT PAIR (1984), while still retaining Robert Fripps's stunning guitar work and dynamic stylings. It also featured more open spaces and texture over the previously tight fretwork to be found on "Discipline" and "Beat." This release includes concert footage from the previously released THREE OF A PERFECT PAIR, as well as "The Noise;" a video of a live performance filmed in France during the group's "Discipline" tour.


  1. Three Of A Perfect Pair
  2. No Warning
  3. Larks Tongues In Aspic
  4. Thela Hun Ginjeet
  5. Frame By Frame
  6. Matte Kudasai
  7. Industry
  8. Dig Me
  9. Indiscipline
  10. Satori In Tangier
  11. Man With An Open Heart
  12. Waiting Man
  13. Sleepless
  14. Larks Tongues In Aspic
  15. Elephant Talk
  16. Heartbeat
  17. Waiting Man
  18. Matte Kudasai
  19. Sheltering Sky
  20. Neal And Jack And Me
  21. Indiscipline
  22. Heartbeat
  23. Larks Tongues In Aspic
  24. Sleepless


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