Manowar - Hell On Eart Part IV (2DVD+CD)

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There is no denying Manowar’s impact on rock music. During its storied career, the band has redefined heavy metal by combining peerless musicianship and song writing. Its members’ unbreakable character, tenacity and mettle has enabled the band to battle immeasurable odds, overcome huge obstacles and build an awe-inspiring legacy that continues to grow with each passing year. The DVD box set Hell On Earth IV continues the Hell On Earth tradition complete with fantasy epic based artwork and package, the highest quality video and audio and unparalleled Manowar metal. And on top the DVD will have a Bonus CD with one brand new song from Manowar`s forthcoming studio album. Hell On Earth IV, again directed by Neil Johnson, was filmed using state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, and more than 70 camera angles to capture the pure power of Manowar, as well as the raw energy of their fans. Manowar metal explodes in 5.1 surround sound.


  1. Condom Head
  2. Kings Of Metal (Full Song)
  3. The Album
  4. Assaulting The Airwaves
  5. Brothers Of Metal (Full Song)
  6. Crazy Fans
  7. Freedom Fighters
  8. In Store
  9. Roskilde Festival, Denmark
  10. Zlin, Czech Republic
  11. Pilsen, Czech Republic
  12. Summer Rocks Festival, Hungary
  13. Lorca Festival, Spain
  14. Gods Of Metal, Italy
  15. Warriors Of The World United (Full Song)
  16. Popkomm Gala, Germany
  17. An American Trilogy (Full Song)
  18. Warriors Of The World Tour
  19. Tour Moments
  20. Call To Arms (Full Song)
  21. Female Fans
  22. I Believe (Full Song)
  23. The Pink One
  24. Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee (Full Song)
  25. Show Your Colors
  26. Swords In The Wind (Full Song)
  27. Master Of The Wind (Full Song)
  28. Courage (Full Song)
  29. Screams
  30. House Of Death (Full Song)
  31. Outlaw (Full Song)
  32. Party Until We Die
  33. Credits
  34. Son Of Death Guitar Solo
  35. Warriors Of The World United - Live
  36. The Demon's Revenge Bass Solo
  37. Army Of The Immortals
  38. Warriors Of The World United - Alternative Music Video
  39. I Believe - Music Video
  40. The March
  41. The Band
  42. Sound Advice
  43. Alexander The Great Part II
  44. Fans And Friends
  45. Louder Than Hell
  46. Heavy Metal Marriage
  47. The Setup
  48. Employee Of The Month
  49. Sex In The City
  50. Heavy Metal Helicopters
  51. Cutting Room Floor
  52. Hell On Earth III Release Party
  53. TV Total - Behind The Scenes
  54. TV Total
  55. Viva Comet Awards
  56. Alles Pocher 1
  57. Alles Pocher 2
  58. Alles Pocher 3


Produksjonsår 2005 Format 2DVD+CD
Sone Sone 0 Sjanger Musikk
Antall disker 3 Spilletid 4 timer 30 minutter
Skuespillere Manowar Artist Manowar
Bestillingsnummer 99507 Leverandør Border Music Norway AS


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