Nicolas Cage Triple (UK-import) (DVD)

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Triple collection of works starring Nicolas Cage. In 'Left Behind' (2014), after millions of people suddenly vanish, the Earth is plunged into a state of chaos as unmanned planes fall from the sky and vehicles crash and burn in the streets. With only clothes and possessions remaining of the departed, the emergency services are overrun with looters and rioters taking over the city and seemingly no clues or answers to the mystery. As worldwide panic takes hold, will Earth's remaining inhabitants discover why they were left behind as the end of days approaches? In 'Vengeance' (2017), John Dromoor (Cage), Niagara Falls police detective and veteran of the Iraq War, comes to the aid of a young girl after she sees her mother Teena (Anna Hutchison) beaten and left for dead by a gang of thugs. In court, the attackers are represented by criminal defence attorney Jay Kirkpatrick (Don Johnson) whose rebukes are focused on Teena's sobriety and promiscuity in an attempt to discredit her on the stand. Her daughter's testimony alone should be sufficient evidence for convictions yet somehow the men are released without charge. As he cares for Teena and her daughter in the wake of this injustice, John realises that the thugs are still stalking them. Refusing to accept the outcome of the trial, and spurred on by his own troubled mind, John decides to take the law into his own hands. Finally, in 'The Humanity Bureau' (2017), an economic downfall and the effects of climate change have ravaged America. A new colony is formed for exiled individuals who do not support the new government system. When government case worker Noah Kross (Cage) uncovers the truth behind the Humanity Bureau which he represents, he sets out to save a single mother and her son who are soon to be sent to the colony named New Eden.


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