Ozzy Osbourne - Memoirs Of A Madman (2DVD)

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DVD One features more than two dozen of OZZY's classic and unforgettable music videos from across his discography, including a bonus alternate version of "Mama, I'm Coming Home" and making-of footage from the videos "Let Me Hear You Scream" and "Life Won t Wait." DVD Two features live performances and interview clips spanning OZZY's solo journey, much of which makes its debut on DVD. Some selections have appeared on long out-of-print VHS releases; others will be seen here for the first time, making this an essential package for fans old and new. OZZY's union of music and visuals could not be more perfect, and the Memoirs Of A Madman DVD showcases that to brilliant effect.


  1. <b>DVD 1</b>
  2. <b>The Music Videos</b>
  3. Bark At The Moon
  4. So Tired
  5. The Ultimate Sin
  6. Lightning Strikes
  7. Crazy Train
  8. Miracle Man
  9. Crazy Babies
  10. Breaking All The Rules
  11. No More Tears
  12. Mama, I'm Coming Home
  13. Mr. Tinkertrain
  14. Time After Time
  15. Road To Nowhere
  16. I Don't Want To Change The World (Live)
  17. Changes
  18. Perry Mason
  19. I Just Want You
  20. See You On The Other Side
  21. Back On Earth
  22. Gets Me Through
  23. Dreamer
  24. In My Life
  25. I Don't Wanna Stop
  26. Let Me Hear You Scream
  27. Life Won't Wait
  28. Let It Die
  29. <b>DVD 2</b>
  30. <b>Performances and interviews</b>
  31. I Don't Know (Rochester, NY 1981)
  32. Suicide Solution (Rochester, NY 1981)
  33. Mr. Crowley (Rochester, NY 1981)
  34. Crazy Train (Rochester, NY 1981)
  35. Ozzy's Bunker (previously unreleased)
  36. Over The Mountain (Albuquerque, NM 1982)
  37. MTV 1982 (previously unreleased)
  38. Fairies Wear Boots (clip -New York, NY 1982) (previously unreleased)
  39. Ozzy's Bunker (previously unreleased)
  40. Entertainment USA 1984 (previously unreleased)
  41. Bark At The Moon (Kansas City, MO 1986)
  42. Never Know Why (Kansas City, MO 1986)
  43. Ozzy's Bunker (previously unreleased)
  44. Killer Of Giants
  45. Thank God For The Bomb
  46. Secret Loser
  47. Ozzy's Bunker (previously unreleased)
  48. Bloodbath In Paradise (Philadelphia, PA 1989) (previously unreleased)
  49. Tattooed Dancer (Philadelphia, PA 1989) (previously unreleased)
  50. Miracle Man (Philadelphia, PA 1989) (previously unreleased)
  51. MTV 1989 (previously unreleased)
  52. Bark At The Moon (clip - Marquee, UK 1991) (previously unreleased)
  53. Studio 1992 (previously unreleased)
  54. I Don't Want To Change The World (San Diego, CA 1992) (previously unreleased)
  55. Road To Nowhere (San Diego, CA 1992) (previously unreleased)
  56. Japan 1992 (previously unreleased)
  57. Ozzy's Bunker (previously unreleased)
  58. No More Tears
  59. Studio 1992 (previously unreleased)
  60. Desire
  61. MTV 1992 (previously unreleased)
  62. Mama, I'm Coming Home
  63. Studio 1992 (previously unreleased)
  64. Ozzmosis Recording Session 1995 (previously unreleased)
  65. Perry Mason (Ozzfest 1996)
  66. Fame & Fortune (previously unreleased)
  67. Gets Me Through (Tokyo, Japan 2001)
  68. Fame & Fortune (previously unreleased)
  69. Not Going Away (Ozzfest 2007) (previously unreleased)
  70. Black Rain Photo Shoot (previously unreleased)
  71. I Don t Wanna Stop (Las Vegas, NV 2007 ) (previously unreleased)
  72. Scream Recording Session 2010 (previously unreleased)
  73. Let Me Hear You Scream (London, England 2010) (previously unreleased)
  74. Flying High Again (Philadelphia, PA 1989) (previously unreleased) (bonus track)
  75. Believer (Tokyo, Japan 2001) (bonus track)


Produksjonsår 2014 Format 2DVD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger Musikk
Antall disker 2 Skuespillere Ozzy Osbourne
Artist Ozzy Osbourne Bestillingsnummer 88843096099
Leverandør Sony


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