The Renown Vintage Transport In Film Collection (UK-import) (DVD)

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Collection of films featuring vintage transport. In 'The Flaw' (1955) a racing driver comes up with a plan to kill his wife and claim her life insurance money. When her lawyer uncovers the murder plot a fight breaks out between the two men which has tragic consequences. In 'Stock Car' (1955) Katie Glebe's (Rona Anderson) father is killed in a stock car race and she subsequently endeavours to maintain his indebted garage business with the help of American racing driver Larry Duke (Paul Carpenter). In 'Born of the Sea' (1949) a baby is found in a boat at sea and taken in by a a small coastal community. 'The Last Journey' (1936) follows a railway driver approaching retirement who is driven mad with jealousy over his wife's suspected affair. In 'Danger Lights' (1930) the boss of a railroad yard takes a young drifter under his wing, only for the boy to fall in love with his fiancée. 'The Shipbuilders' (1943) takes place in a Glasgow shipyard where employees are called into action to build ships for the navy when war breaks out once again. In 'Minesweeper' (1943) US Navy deserter Lieutenant Richard Houston (Richard Arlen) re-enlists under the alias Jim Smith and is assigned to duty aboard a minesweeper charged with keeping the waterways clear. Throughout the numerous dangerous missions that follow, he lives with the added constant fear that his true identity will be discovered. 'Bush Pilot' (1947) follows a bush pilot in Canada whose business takes a hit with the arrival of his brother. In 'The Black Rider' (1954) young reporter Jerry Marsh (Jimmy Hanley) and his boss's daughter, Mary Plack (Anderson), investigate the mystery of a ghostly monk and, in the process, find a gang of criminals using a decrepit castle as a base where they are plotting to cause destruction of an atomic proportion. 'Streamline Express' (1935) takes place aboard a train travelling across the US on which a number of seedy plots are afoot. 'Calling All Cars' (1954) follows a pair of friends as they try to cross the Channel and pick up girls along the way. 'Night Ride' (1937) follows two truck drivers as they try to start their own company after they are both sacked. In 'River Beat' (1954) Judy Roberts (Phyllis Kirk), a young radio operator on board a freighter, is unknowingly used as part of a diamond-smuggling plot. She attracts the attention of Detective Inspector Dan Barker (John Bentley) who develops romantic feelings towards her while investigating the case. When he realises her innocence he hopes her position as a dupe will lead him to the real culprits. In 'There Is Another Sun' (1951) a boxer and a motorbike stunt rider fall for the same girl in their carnival, starting a battle for her affection. The collection also includes archive documentaries 'Steam Fair', which features footage of a 1950s British steam fair, and 'Tall Ships', which captures amateur sailors aboard the HMS Gladan in 1970.


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Produksjonsår 2017 Format DVD
Sone Sone 0 Sjanger Drama
Antall disker 4 Aldersgrense 7
Undertekster Ingen Regissør Wolf Rilla
Skuespillere Donald Houston, Dorothea Paul, Godfrey Tearle, Jack La Rue, Jimmy Hanley, John Bentley, Louis Wolheim, Paul Carpenter, Phyllis Kirk, Richard Arlen, Rochelle Hudson, Rona Anderson, Victor Jory Bestillingsnummer 1947169