Rock S'Cool Vol. III (DVD)

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Tracklisting: 'Lay Down Your Love' Whitesnake, 'September Sun' Type O Negative, 'Ten Thousand Strong' Iced Earth, 'I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)' Saxon, 'As Long As I Fall' Helloween, 'Rule The World' Kamelot, 'Scorpion Flower' Moonspell, 'Haze' Skinny Puppy, 'Phobia' Kreator, 'Into The Storm' Gamma Ray, 'Floating' Hatesphere, 'Next Closed Door' Engel, 'If I Was You' Saxon, 'Magic Of The Wizard's Dream' Rhapsody, 'Luna' Moonspell, 'Ostia' Sepultura, 'Neon' Amplifier, 'Casket Closing' Engel, 'Your Number Is One' Rollins Band, 'Lionheart' Saxon, 'Postcards From Hell' Zebrahead, 'Panic Room' Riverside, 'Serpent's Kiss' Symphony X, 'Black Horizon' Unleashed.


  1. Lay Down Your Love - Whitesnake
  2. September Sun - Type O Negative
  3. Ten Thousand Strong - Iced Earth
  4. I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive) - Saxon
  5. As Long As I Fall - Helloween
  6. Rule The World - Kamelot
  7. Scorpion Flower - Moonspell
  8. Haze - Skinny Puppy
  9. Phobia - Kreator
  10. Into The Storm - Gamma Ray
  11. Floating - Hatesphere
  12. Next Closed Door - Engel
  13. If I Was You - Saxon
  14. Magic Of The Wizard's Dream - Rhapsody
  15. Luna - Moonspell
  16. Ostia - Sepultura
  17. Neon - Amplifier
  18. Casket Closing - Engel
  19. Your Number Is One - Rollins Band
  20. Lionheart - Saxon
  21. Postcards From Hell - Zebrahead
  22. Panic Room - Riverside
  23. Serpent's Kiss - Symphony X
  24. Black Horizon - Unleashed


Produksjonsår 2008 Format DVD
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Artist Diverse Artister Bestillingsnummer 98647
Leverandør Border Music Norway AS