Seaquest DSV: The Complete Series (UK-import) (DVD)

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All the episodes from the futuristic 1990s sci-fi drama following the crew of a submarine, and the sequel series 'SeaQuest 2032'. In the near future, having drawn upon most known sources of natural resource on earth, apart from those under the oceans, mankind must put on its scuba gear and search. A league of nations has agreed to work together to research what, exactly, can be plundered from the ocean floor and sends teams out to investigate.

However, they are under steady attack from rogue nations who never signed the pact and must be protected. Nathan Bridger (Roy Scheider), captain of the hi-tech Seaquest submarine, is sent to do just that, alongside Kristin Westphalen (Stephanie Beacham), the vessel's doctor. Season 1 episodes are: 'To Be Or Not to Be', 'The Devil's Window', 'Treasures of the Mind', 'Games', 'Treasures of the Tonga Trench', 'Brothers and Sisters', 'Give Me Liberte', 'Knight of Shadows', 'Bad Water', 'The Regulator', 'SeaWest', 'Photon Bullet', 'Better Than Martians', 'Nothing But the Truth', 'Greed for a Pirate's Dream', 'Whale Song', 'The Stinger', 'Hide and Seek', 'The Last Lap at Luxury', 'Abalon', 'Such Great Patience', 'The Good Death' and 'Higher Pow-er/An Ocean On Fire'.

Season 2 episodes are: 'Daggers', 'The Fear That Follows', 'Sympathy for the Deep', 'Vapors', 'Playtime', 'The Sincerest Form of Flattery', 'By Any Other Name', 'When We Dead Awaken', 'Special Delivery', 'Dead End', 'Meltdown', 'Lostland', 'And Everything Nice', 'Dream Weaver', 'Alone', 'Watergate', 'Something in the Air', 'Dagger Redux', 'The Siamese Dream', 'Blindsided' and 'Splashdown'. SeaQuest 2032 episodes are: 'Brave New World', 'In the Company of Ice and Profit', 'Smoke On the Water', 'Destination Terminal', 'Chains of Command', 'Brainlock', 'Spindrift', 'Equilibrium', 'Resurrection', 'Good Soldiers', 'Second Chance', 'Reunion' and 'Weapons of War'.

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Utgitt 2019 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger Science Fiction
Antall disker 18 Aldersgrense 12
Undertekster Engelsk Skuespillere Jonathan Brandis, Michael Ironside, Roy Scheider, Stephanie Beacham
Bestillingsnummer FHED3935