Space Dogs/The Tin Soldier/The Adventures Of Chris Fable/Max... (UK-import) (DVD)

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Collection of four family films. In 'Space Dogs' (2010), after escaping from the local dog pound, homeless stray Strelka teams up with Belka, canine canonball of the local state circus, when her trajectory takes an unexpected path. Along with a motley collection of streetwise strays, the pair find themselves caught and transferred to a secret space laboratory where after some intensive training they learn they've been selected for a space flight mission... In 'The Tin Soldier' (1995), when a young boy begins hanging out with the wrong crowd the gift of a tin soldier changes his perspective; the soldier comes to life and uses his army training and principles to set the boy back on the straight and narrow. But the soldier also has a few problems of his own as he has fallen in love with a toy ballerina... In 'The Adventures of Chris Fable' (2010), Chris (Solomon Ray), a young thief and runaway, learns that his father is in need. Leaving his friends, he embarks on a journey throughout a mystical wilderness where a range of obstacles stand in the way of a better life. In 'Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings' (2002), Max (Timothy Stultz) is interested in magic, isn't very popular and gets picked on by bullies. But when his neighbour, Mr. Tim (Paul Danaceau), gives him a book of spells, the book opens a gate to another world in which Max is enlisted to help local Elves battle their enemies, the Unseelies. By using these newfound powers of his, he must work together with his new friends and save the forest realm.


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