Spine Chilling Horror: 3 Film Collection (UK-import) (DVD)

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Triple collection of horrors. In 'Pet' (2016) a loner named Seth (Dominic Monaghan) turns deadly when he develops unrequited feelings for a girl named Holly (Ksenia Solo). Seth quickly becomes obsessed with Holly and starts to stalk her, but when he attempts to ask her out she rejects him, leaving him hurt and enraged. While working in an animal shelter, he discovers an abandoned wing where he constructs a cage to kidnap and contain Holly. Although imprisoned, Holly refuses to abide by Seth's rules and tries to manipulate him with psychological mind games to free herself from her captor. In 'Pyewacket' (2017) a teenage girl unintentionally summons an evil spirit when finding a way to rid of her mother. After the death of her father, Leah (Nicole Muñoz) falls in with a crowd who have a profound interest in the occult. As her angst-filled relationship with her mother becomes unbearable, she attempts to find a way to dispose of her indefinitely. Practicing a ritual that will bring forth a spirit to kill her mother, she gets more than she bargained for when it takes on a form that Leah recognises all too well. In 'The Void' (2016) Police officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) is driving down an otherwise empty stretch of road when he catches sight of a blood-soaked figure staggering along it. Rushing the young man to the nearest hospital, a barely staffed and seemingly disused facility, Carter discovers to his horror that something terrifying is happening to the staff and patients of the hospital. Gathering as many survivors as he can he leads them underground in an attempt to escape the monstrous beings hunting them down.


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