Star Trek Voyager: Season 4 (UK-import) (DVD)

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All 26 episodes from the fourth season of the third 'Star Trek' spin-off series. 'Scorpion, Part 2' concludes the cliffhanging episode from the previous season in which the Starfleet vessel came across their greatest foe, the Borg, engaged in a bitter war with extra-dimensional warriors. In 'The Gift', Kes' increased telepathic powers are threatening to destroy the ship and the freed Borg, Seven-of-Nine, has to come to terms with being torn from the collective. In 'Day of Honour', an attempt to install Borg technology into the propulsion system backfires... In 'Nemesis', Chakotay ignores the Prime Directive and becomes involved in a planetary war against a vicious enemy. In 'Repulsion', Voyager picks up a distress call from an almost deserted ship, but the only crew member still alive is a hologram. In 'The Raven', Seven has been showing some signs of humanity, but when she starts having flashbacks to her time with the collective she starts reverting to a Borg. In 'Scientific Method', the crew of Voyager begin to suffer from mysterious, debilitating medical conditions, and Seven and the Doctor discover that someone is conducting secret experiments on them. In 'Year of Hell (Part 1)', Janeway leads the ship in an ongoing battle with a superior enemy, and they begin to suffer some serious damage. In 'Year of Hell (Part 2)', Janeway faces certain death unless her one, last desperate attack on the Krenim ship is successful. In 'Random Thoughts', B'Elanna finds herself accused of a violent crime against a peaceful telepathic race. In 'Concerning Flight', Janeway and Tuvok disguise themselves as traders in order to retrieve Voyager's stolen computer processor, only to encounter Janeway's holodeck recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci. 'Mortal Coil' sees Neelix revived by Seven of Nine's Borg technology after he is killed on an away mission. In 'Waking Moments', the crew of the Voyager experience a shared bad dream featuring a new alien life-form. 'Message in a Bottle' sees the Doctor beamed 60,000 light years from Voyager, to a Starfleet vessel overrun with Romulans. In 'Hunters', a member of the Borg-killing species 8472 is taken aboard Voyager, injured and in need of assistance. 'Prey' sees Seven-of-Nine and Tuvok taken prisoner by the Hirogen, who plan to dissect their bodies and claim them as trophies. In 'Retrospect', Janeway does not believe Seven of Nine's claims of violation by a trader who is prepared to sell anti-Hirogen weapons to Voyager's crew. 'The Killing Game (Part 1)' sees the crew forced to participate in a simulation of Nazi occupation when they are enslaved by the invading Hirogen. In 'The Killing Game (Part 2)', the Hirogen hunters join forces with holodeck Nazi soldiers to take over the Voyager, despite Janeway's attempts to broker a peace. In 'Vis à Vis', Tom Paris is sent out to assist an alien test pilot with repairs to his ship. In 'The Omega Directive', the crew of Voyager encounter Omega, a powerful substance with the ability to destroy all warp travel. 'Unforgettable' sees Chakotay confused when an alien woman of whom he has no memory attempts to convince him that they were lovers only a month before. In 'Living Witness', the Holographic Doctor finds himself placed on trial by aliens from the future, who record the Voyager crew as being sadistic warriors responsible for a genocidal war. 'Demon' sees Tom Paris and Harry Kim go missing after beaming down to a Demon-class planet in search of much-needed fuel supplies. In 'One', Seven of Nine and the Holographic Doctor are left in charge of Voyager while the rest of the crew are in stasis. 'Hope and Fear' sees Voyager's crew excited when they receive a garbled message from Starfleet informing them that a new vessel will soon arrive, which can transport them home in just three months.
Produksjonsår 2007 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger Science Fiction
Antall disker 1 Aldersgrense 7
Undertekster Engelsk Regissør Victor Lobl
Skuespillere Adrian Sparks, Andy Dick, Annette Helde, Ethan Phillips, Garrett Wang, Jennifer Lien, Jeri Ryan, John Rhys-Davies, John Vargas, Judson Scott, Kate Mulgrew, Kurtwood Smith, Leland Orser, Mark Metcalf, Michael Horton, Robert Beltran, Robert Duncan McNeill, Robert Picardo, Rosemary Forsyth, Roxann Dawson, Tim Russ, Tiny Ron, Tony Todd, Valerie Wildman Bestillingsnummer PHE9333

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