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Status Quo - Pictures: Live At Montreux 2009 (UK-import) (DVD)

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Celebrating a staggering 43 years on the road with a live show that remembers almost every one of them, 142 minutes of concert and backstage footage take us through one night from Quo's 2009 Pictures tour, and what a night it was. In front of a packed Montreux audience, dwarfed by video screens that page back through the years as deftly as the songs, the juggernaut that is the modern Status Quo looks all the way back to "Pictures of Matchstick Men" and "Ice in the Sun," and all the way forward to the band's most recent release, the as good as ever In Search of the Fourth Chord. And in between times, one of the most miraculous greatest-hits machines careens across the stage to highlight a career that held the entire world bar America in its thrall. "Down the Dustpipe," "In My Chair," and "Junior's Wailing" herald the days when Quo were a barroom blues band in all but name; "Mean Girl," "Caroline," "Down Down," "Roll Over Lay Down," and the inevitable "Rocking All Over the World" recapture their days at the top of the British chart. A few golden covers and a couple of punchy medleys round up a host more memories, and if things do flag once the drum solo kicks in, they quickly revive again and Live at Montreux 2009 takes its place alongside any past Quo triumph you can name. A few weeks after this disc was released, both Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt were honored by the Queen of England for their services to the music industry. Unlike a lot of old rockers who receive such awards, however, and who should have gone out to grass years ago, Status Quo are still on active service. ~ Dave Thompson
  1. Caroline
  2. The Wanderer
  3. Rain
  4. Don’t Drive My Car
  5. Mean Girl/Softer Ride
  6. Beginning Of The End
  7. Is There A Better Way
  8. Proposing Medley: What You’re Proposing/Down The Dustpipe/Little Lady/Red Sky/Dear John/Big Fat Mama
  9. Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Ice In The Sun
  10. The Oriental
  11. Creepin’ Up
  12. In My Chair
  13. Living On An Island
  14. In The Army Now
  15. The Killer
  16. Roll Over Lay Down
  17. Down Down
  18. Whatever You Want
  19. Rockin’ All Over The World
  20. Junior’s Wailing
  21. Rock ‘n’ Roll Music/Bye Bye Johnny
Produksjonsår 2009 Utgitt 2016
Format DVD Sone Sone 2
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 1
Undertekster Engelsk Skuespillere Status Quo
Artist Status Quo Bestillingsnummer 5036369819491

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