Supernatural - The Anime Series (DK-import) (DVD)

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Sam and Dean Winchester are Hunters - licensed officers who tool around the United States in a classic black Chevy Impala, pursuing demons, ghosts, vampires, and other evil spirits. They're also looking for their father, a Hunter who's chasing the evil entity that killed their mother. Almost all the specters strike attractive young women, and the series soon devolves into a damsel-in-distress formula, with Sam and Dean arriving in the nick of time to dispatch the threat with silver bullets, salt, and fire. Some of the episodes are reworked from the original program; others are new story lines for the characters. But too many of them play like a mash-up of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Hardy Boys.


Produksjonsår 2014 Format DVD
Sjanger Anime Antall disker 3
Undertekster Dansk, Finsk, Norsk, Svensk Skuespillere Animasjon
Bestillingsnummer 1095359


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