The Terry Thomas Collection (UK-import) (DVD)

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Three films starring the much-loved comedian Terry-Thomas. In 'Make Mine Mink' (1960) Dame Beatrice Appleby (Athene Seyler) receives a fur coat from her ex-jailbird maid Lily (Billie Whitelaw) and can't help but suspect that it was stolen. In order to set things right she gathers together a team of local misfits, headed by the eccentric Major Rayne (Terry-Thomas), and draws up plans for a reverse-heist which will secretly put the mink back into the hands of its rightful owners. However, when the gang set out on their mission, they soon begin thinking that their talents could be put to other uses. In 'Too Many Crooks' (1958) a criminal gang headed by the hapless Fingers (George Cole) seem to be having a run of bad luck. When they try to rob the wealthy philanderer Billy Gordon (Terry-Thomas) they manage to get things wrong once again and end up kidnapping his wife Lucy (Brenda Da Banzie) instead. Unfortunately, Billy is overjoyed to have his wife gone and makes no effort to pay the ransom, which makes Lucy mad and absolutely determined to have her revenge. In 'The Naked Truth' (1958) unscrupulous tabloid publisher Nigel Dennis (Dennis Price) begins making himself rich by approaching celebrated personages with scandalous stories and offering not to print them for a certain fee. But some of his targets (one of whom is played by Terry-Thomas) have had enough of this and are drawing up plans to do away with the rotten fellow. Also starring Shirley Eaton as model Melissa Right and Peter Sellers as TV star Sonny McGregor.