The Black Dahlia Murder - Majesty (2DVD)

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Extreme metal has bands that take their interest in the dark side ultra-seriously as well as bands that are decidedly tongue in cheek about it -- and Majesty leaves no doubt that the Black Dahlia Murder fall into the latter category. Offering more than three hours worth of material, this two-DVD set spotlights and celebrates the goofier qualities of the Detroit-based death metal/black metal band -- first with a documentary/interview DVD that focuses primarily on their Beavis & Butthead-like antics on tour, then with a DVD that contains both live performances and videos for studio recordings. Don't expect to find any profound discussions of Nordic mythology, paganism, or the Occult on Disc One; the documentary/interview DVD is essentially a funny, humorous (and at times, downright silly) parody of metal and ends up becoming a combination of This Is Spinal Tap, Wayne's World, and Beavis & Butthead. And on Disc Two, the live performances and videos underscore the fact that the Black Dahlia Murder use mock-horror themes for pure entertainment value; these Midwesterners approach extreme metal as an exercise in twisted, over the top fun. Even though black metal is a big part of their sound, the Black Dahlia Murder aren't pretending to be Gorgoroth or Marduk; Majesty leaves no doubt that they identify with the irony that characterized early grindcore bands like Cannibal Corpse and Carcass. Of course, any release that offers more than three hours worth of material obviously wasn't assembled with casual listeners in mind -- and headbangers who have only a casual interest in the Black Dahlia Murder's ultra-thrashy death metal/black metal won't find this 2009 release to be a good investment. Majesty is strictly for the band's more devoted followers and hardcore fans. ~ Alex Henderson


  1. <b>Disc 1:</b>
  2. Documentary
  3. Band Interviews
  4. <b>Disc 2:</b>
  5. Elder Misanthropy (Live)
  6. Funeral Thirst (Live)
  7. I'm Charming (Live)
  8. Flies (Live)
  9. A Vulgar Picture (Live)
  10. Statutory Ape (Live)
  11. Miasma (Live)
  12. Everything Went Black (Live)
  13. Worship (Live)
  14. What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse (Live)
  15. Deathmask Divine (Live)
  16. Contagion (Video)
  17. Funeral Thirst (Video)
  18. A Vulgar Picture (Video)
  19. Statutory Ape (Video)
  20. Miasma (Video)
  21. What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse (Video)
  22. Everything Went Black (Video)


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Antall disker 2 Skuespillere The Black Dahlia Murder
Artist The Black Dahlia Murder Bestillingsnummer 0039843405895
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