The Claudette Colbert Collection (DVD - SONE 1)

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Three Cornered Moon (1933) - directed by Elliott Nugent.
This is a part comedy/part drama about a rich family that loses everything as a result of the Depression. The young people of the clan must go out and look for work for the first time in their lives, and it basically follows the whole family as they adjust to their new station in life.

Maid of Salem (1937) - directed by Frank Lloyd.
This is an above-average costume drama in which Colbert plays a young woman accused of witchcraft during the Salem witchhunts of the 1690's. Everyone involved with the accusations has an axe to grind or some profit to make.

I Met Him In Paris (1937) - directed by Wesley Ruggles.
A romantic comedy about a woman (Colbert) who is pursued by three suitors while on vacation in Switzerland. The top two contenders are George (Melvyn Douglas) and Gene (Robert Young). George disapproves of Gene, but won't say why.

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938)- Directed by Ernst Lubitsch
Cooper plays a wealthy man (Michael Brandon) who has been married and divorced seven times before he meets and proposes marriage to Colbert's character, Nicole. Brandon has basically invented the prenuptial agreement by insisting that each bride-to-be sign a contract giving her fifty thousand dollars a year if things don't work out. Nicole, however, figures these are bargain basement prices and wants much more.

No Time For Love (1943) - Directed by Mitchell Leisen.
Romantic comedy about opposites attracting has Colbert as a fashion reporter and Fred MacMurray as a "sandhog" working on an underground transportation system. The Egg and I (1947) - Directed by Chester Erskine. Bob (Fred MacMurray) and Betty (Claudette Colbert) are newlyweds. Betty discovers shortly after their marriage that Bob's greatest desire is to run a chicken farm, and in fact, he's just bought one. This urban gal endures the rural life so her husband can have his dream, but a new beautiful neighbor moving in nearby and flirting with her husband is the last straw.


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