The Good Old Naughty Days (Deconstructed) (DVD)

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A fresh and impertinent composition of twelve licentious short films from early last century deconstructed by multimedia artist Cécile Babiole, helped by Michel Reilhac, with an original soundtrack composed by the rising duo of Finnish DJs, Renaissance Man! Twelve films that are alternately funny and sensual, with unexpected, catchy tunes, bringing us malicious foreplay, heady caresses and wild fornication. Playful, hypnotic, ecstatic! Roll out the années folles, 2009-style.

From industrial music in the 1980s (with the band Nox) to an exploration of electronic and digital cultures in our day, Cécile Babiole’s artistic trajectory has evolved laterally, cutting across the realms of music and the visual arts. Far from de rigueur interdisciplinarianism, her works move back and forth between one language and another, bleeding each code into the other in an ongoing reinterpretation of the relationship between image and sound..


Produksjonsår 2009 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger Erotikk
Antall disker 1 Spilletid 0 timer 58 minutter
Aldersgrense 18 Undertekster Ingen
Lydformater Stereo 2.0 (Engelsk) Bildeformater Fullscreen 4:3
Skuespillere Ukjent Bestillingsnummer PFE0003NDVD
Leverandør Another World Entertainment


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