The John Cassavetes Collection (UK-import) (DVD)

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A collection of films from famed actor and independent director John Cassavetes comprising:

Shadows (1959): A depiction of the struggle of three black siblings to survive the mean streets of Manhattan, Shadows was Cassavetes' jazz-scored improvisational film exploring interracial friendships and relationships in Beat-Era (1950s) New York City, made from a script entirely improvised by the talented cast, heralding a vital new era in independent filmmaking.

Faces (1968): Cassavetes' probing, relentless study of a middle-class married couple is regarded as the first American independent film to cross over to mainstream audiences. The film examines a seminal 36 hours in the life of Richard and Maria Frost, during which their 14-year relationship finally falls completely apart.

A Woman Under The Influence (1974): A tough-minded, moving film about a working-class housewife's mental breakdown caused by imposed social rules. This insightful study of sexual politics earned an Oscar nomination for both Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes.

The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie (1976): A small-time Los Angeles night club owner falls for a lavish invitation to gamble at a private club. After losing high stakes on extended credit, he is pressured by a gangster to erase his debt by killing a rival underworld power referred to only as 'The Chinese Bookie'...

Opening Night (1977): Gena Rowlands plays nervous actress Myrtle Gordon on the brink of a breakdown as she prepares for the opening night of her Broadway play. The entire movie takes place in the few days prior to the opening and shows the backstage turmoil of a doomed production. Gordon begins to fall apart when an adoring fan dies in an accident and she is forced to look hard at her life...


  • Exclusive interviews with Seymour Cassel and Elaine Kagan, Cassavetes' long-time assistant
  • Audio interviews with Cassavetes on <i>Opening Night, A Woman Under The Influence</i> and <i>The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie</i>
  • Booklet including interviews, essays and biographies
  • <i>Shadows:</i>
  • UK exclusive commentary from Seymour Cassel and Tom Charity
  • Early rehearsal footage from the production
  • <i>Faces:</i>
  • Alternative opening with optional audio commentary from Peter Bogdanovich and producer Al Ruban
  • <i>The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie:</i>
  • Original 1976 version (135 mins) and the shorter 1978 version (108 mins)
  • UK exclusive commentary from Peter Bogdnovich and producer Al Ruban
  • <i>Opening Night:</i>
  • UK exclusive commentary from Tom Charity, camera operator Mike Ferris and sound recordist Bo Harwood


Produksjonsår 2005 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 - Import Sjanger Drama
Antall disker 6 Spilletid 12 timer 30 minutter
Aldersgrense 15 Regissør John Cassavetes
Skuespillere Diverse Bestillingsnummer OPTD0261
Leverandør Gardners


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