The Making Of The President - The 1960s (DVD - SONE 1)

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Belletrist and social observer Theodore H. White made an indelible impact on history in 1960, with his tome The Making Of The President. The recipient of a Pulitzer Price, the book offered the public a new level of insight into the U.S. political machine that instantly caught on, and set the standard for years to follow. Producer David L. Wolper then adapted White's work into a series of televised documentary specials, each one chronicling an election. This box set includes three of those specials: one from 1960 (on the Kennedy-Nixon race), another from 1964 (on the Johnson-Goldwater race), and a third from 1968 (on the Humphrey-Nixon-Wallace race). Each of the specials observes intimate moments between the candidates and their staff members, captures the tension of the races, and much more, meanwhile shedding a light on the inner mechanisms.


  • A Thousand Days: A Tribute to John F. Kennedy
  • The March of Time: Seven Days in the Life of the President
  • The Contenders after Their Campaigns


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