The Story Of Jesus (UK-import) (DVD)

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Narrated by David Suchet with stunning contemporary footage The Story of Jesus sets a new standard for historical documentaries. The series explores the truth about the man who claimed to be the only Son of God by examining the accounts of Jesus life according to the four Gospels and comparing these with the latest historical and archaeological evidence. Interviews with the worlds leading experts set a grand historical context for specially commissioned dramatic re-enactments of Jesus life including some of his most famous miracles and sermons. Beautifully filmed at key locations, this series brings one of the worlds greatest stories to life for a new generation of television viewers.


Produksjonsår 2012 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 - Import Sjanger TV-serie
Antall disker 1 Spilletid 2 timer 25 minutter
Aldersgrense 11 Undertekster Engelsk
Lydformater Stereo 2.0 (Engelsk) Bildeformater Widescreen 1.78:1 Anamorphic
Skuespillere Dokumentar Bestillingsnummer 3711535213
Leverandør Gardners


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