Tool - Parabola (DVD)

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The second of two Tool DVD singles issued in 2005 finds the group's guitarist/video director Adam Jones presenting another riveting short film, this time relying more on CGI animation than he has in the past to do the storytelling. Technical notes aside, "Parabola" was one of the more dramatic and engaging tracks on Lateralus and the video only helps to accentuate this notion tenfold. Also included are yet another jam-session special bonus track and commentary by punk legend/political commentator Jello Biafra. ~ Rob Theakston


  1. Parabola
  2. Parabola
  3. Parabola


Produksjonsår 2005 Format DVD
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Antall disker 1 Skuespillere Tool
Artist Tool Bestillingsnummer 0828767752198