Top Gear - The Challenges - Vol. 6 (UK-import) (DVD)

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Top Gear - The Challenges 6 combines all the meaty goodness of incredible car-based endeavours with all the tasty treats of brilliant star guests and a delicious gravy of pure distilled Stigginess.

The Ashes
Jeremy, Richard and James welcome their colleagues from Australian Top Gear to Britain by picking them up in a prison van and calling all three of them ‘Bruce’ as Top Gear once again teeters on the brink of an international incident.

Car Trains
Top Gear sets out to solve the problem of expensive rail tickets by making locomotives from old luxury cars and carriages from ancient caravans. What could possible go wrong? Apart from a prominent railway author getting covered in flies and poo.

Car For 17 Year Olds
What’s the ideal affordable, insurable, second hand car for someone who’s just passed their driving test? The presenters mentally knock upwards of 25 years off their own ages to find out. Warning: Contains the sight of James May wigging out to dance music whilst wearing a very silly hat.

The presenters decide to save Britain from the annual blizzard of headlines proclaiming ‘snow chaos’ by making normally idle combine harvesters work through the winter as snow ploughs. What could possibly go wrong with that? Apart from setting a man alight…

Four Seater Convertibles
Jeremy, Richard and James are told to buy second hand, four seater convertibles for a challenge, fail to compare notes and accidentally end up with exactly the same sort of car. Although actually, they prove to be very different. Especially when it comes to what’s been left in the interior.

Can the presenters knock down a cluster of condemned houses using left over military hardware faster than a team of professionals can do it with proper demolition equipment? Erm… what do you think?

Skoda Yeti
Jeremy embarks on a typically thorough test of a new family car involving fire, a helicopter, some ice cream, two dogs and a well known British actress in the glovebox.

Amy Williams vs WRC Mini
Radiant Winter Olympian and official Friend Of Top Gear Amy Williams gamely agrees to race unradiant and sport-o-phobic James May in a snow-bound battle between man and machine. Well, girl and machine.

Jaguar XJ vs The Sun
It’s a big Jag against the Big One as Jeremy decides to race against the very centre of the universe. Sort of. The rising and setting of the sun is more to do with the rotation of the earth but let’s not get bogged down in that now.

Range Rover Evoque
James travels to the United States to drive the exciting new baby Range Rover. Contains dramatic scenery, light off roading and a well known diva with a suspiciously large Adam’s apple.

Amputee Rally
Richard meets the world’s pluckiest and most unusual rally team as they prepare to take on the challenge of a lifetime. Also featuring an appearance from a very old friend who has to promise not to write another book about it.

Jaguar E-Type 50th
Jeremy celebrates the 50th birthday of the Jaguar E-type in typically understated style and drives the re-made Eagle Speedster which he proclaims to be the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

Richard is in South Africa to drive quite possibly the world’s toughest thing. And drive it he does…right over some cars, through a wall and onto a big pile of explosives.


  • Stig’s Cousins’ Laps
  • Unseen Interview Clips of Sebastian Vettel, Jonathan Ross, Ryan Reynolds, Ross Noble and Alice Cooper
  • Interceptors’ Titles Sequence
  • Amy Williams’ Helmet Cam Footage
  • Desert & Ice Montage
  • Deleted Scenes


Produksjonsår 2012 Format DVD
Sone Sone 2 Sjanger TV-serie
Antall disker 2 Spilletid 4 timer
Aldersgrense 7 Undertekster Engelsk
Lydformater Stereo 2.0 (Engelsk) Bildeformater Widescreen 16:9 Anamorphic
Skuespillere James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond Bestillingsnummer BBCDVD3587
Serie Top Gear