Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/LP - High Output Moving Coil For Mono LP (PICKUP)


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  • High resolution cartridge
  • Straight pipe aluminium cantilever
  • 500 hours usage time extending the life span of precious mono recording
  • High purity PCOCC
  • Body made of solid die-cast aluminium alloy
  • Rigid synthetic resin to hold the body

Made specifically for mono recordings on vinyl records, the cartridge only generates signal with horizontal movement. However to produce a minimal wear on the groove, the AT-MONO3/LP also has an adapted vertical compliance.

  • Carefully selected components and state of the art technology produce a high resolution cartridge.
  • Straight pipe aluminium cantilever and low mass stylus guarantees a high tracking ability.
  • The average usage time is 500 hours extending the life span of precious mono recordings.
  • High purity PCOCC allows a more transparent signal transmission both high efficiency and high fidelity.
  • To support the internal mechanism, the body is made of solid die-cast aluminium alloy, furthermore stiffness is achieved with the addition of rigid synthetic resin to hold the body.



The AT-MONO3/LP cartridge only generates electrical signal with horizontal movement due to the horizontal configuration of the coil.


The average usage time is 500 hours extending the life span of precious mono recordings.

Type Horizontal Mono Moving Coil
Mounting 1/2” centers
Frequency Response 20 - 20,000Hz
Body Material Aluminium/Synthetic Resin
Output Voltage 1.2 mV (at 1 kHz, 5.0 cm/sec)
Vertical Tracking Angle 23°
Vertical Tracking Force Range 1.5 to 2.5 g (standard 2.0 g)
Stylus Shape Conical
Stylus Construction 0.6 mil
Cantilever Aluminium Pipe
Coil Impedance 40Ω (1kHz)
Coil Inductance 190 µH (1kHz)
DC Resistance 40Ω
Static Compliance 20×10-6cm/dyne
Dynamic Compliance 7×10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
Recommended Load Impedance 400 to 47,000 ohms
Weight 6.8g
Dimensions 16.0 (H) x 16.6 (W) x 26.5 (L) mm
Replacement Stylus When the stylus is to be replaced, replace the entire cartridge. Take the used cartridge to your Audio-Technica Authorised Service Centre. The new cartridge, or any other model which is desired among the line-up of MC cartridges sold by Audio-Technica, are available at the stylus replacement price.
Accessories Included Non magnetic screw driver; 1 brush; 2 washers; 2 x 19 mm mounting screws; 2 x 13 mm mounting screws; 2 x nuts; 1 plastic protector; 1 set of PCOCC lead wires AT6101

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Format LP - STIFTER, PICKUP OG RIAA Antall disker 1
Artist Vinylrekvisita Label Bergsala (label2)
Leverandør Bergsala Handic Bestillingsnummer 610148
Serie Audio-Technica, Pickup - Moving Coil