Airbus Collectors Edition


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Nearly forty years ago, France's Aerospatiale and Germany's Daimler-Benz Aerospace joined forces to create Airbus, realising that no single European manufacturer had the resources to overcome the US giants. The world’s first wide-bodied aircraft performed its maiden flight in 1972 and took the first step towards changing the face of modern aviation. The A310 built a reputation for economy and reliability and Airbus went on to become market leaders for short to medium haul services and freight aircraft. They marked a further milestone in history by delivering its 5000th aircraft – A330-200 – to Qantas in December 2007. Airbus has used the last thirty years to develop a reputation for innovation and now, moving into the 21st Century, it must continue to face up to the competition from its US rivals. The A380, the world’s biggest jetliner made its maiden flight in October 2007 from Singapore with 455 passengers on board – the oldest being 91! The A350 will be the world's most technologically advanced aircraft, setting new standards in fuel-efficiency, reducing operating costs and greater environmental friendliness. This Airbus Collectors Edition offers you the opportunity of piloting virtually all of the aircraft in the Airbus range from the comfort of your own home or office. Each aircraft comes with its own set of liveries and detailed instrument panels and gauges. Fully customised Flight Management Computer (FMC) and virtual cockpit with full 3D panels are all included. Models included in this package are:A310-300 - A319-100 - A320-200 - A330-300 - A340-600 - A350-800 - A380-700 - A380-800 A380-800F - A380-900


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