Tales of Berseria

Playstation 4

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Tales of Berseria is a tale of emotion versus reason. 3 years ago, a rare disease called Daemonblight changed humans into monsters and the world reached an age of confusion. Velvet lived in a remote village in the Midgand sacred kingdom with her family. However, her blood relatives were snatched away, and her left hand swallowed by a mysterious power, transformed into the hand of a demon with the ability to eat monsters…
 First female lead character: Play as Velvet, a strong and emotional character driven by vengeance and a search for the truth.
 Improved Battle System: The Linear Motion Battle System has now evolved to “Liberation LMBS”: Camera can now be fully rotated, you can move even more freely on the battlefield and Artes (special attacks) can now be linked together and mapped to the four symbol buttons.
 Next Gen graphics: The game runs in silky smooth 60FPS on PlayStation 4.
 New Skits System: A signature feature for Tales of, the dialogues that you can initiate between characters during gameplay are now deeper and have a stronger impact on your adventure.



Konsoll Playstation 4 Utgitt 2017
Aldersgrense 16 Leverandør Bandai Namco Entertainment Nordic AB
Bestillingsnummer 111970

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