Black Rio Vol.2: Original Samba Soul 1971-1980 (VINYL)

Diverse Soul/Funk

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Put together by DJ Cliffy, the man behind "Batmacumba," the longest running Brazilian club night in London, this set is the second volume of "samba soul" from Strut Records (the first volume was released in 2002). It's a fun compilation, full of bright grooves and irresistible energy. Sides like Super Sam Lord's horn-drenched "BR Samba" hit hard with a samba-on-steroids force, and Emilio Santiago's "Bananeira" has a groove and flow so natural and easy one could just float away on it. But no international hits came out of the Brazilian soul scene because there just wasn't that big, defining record that put all of it on the map. What's here is interesting, and no one will have a difficult time tapping their toes to it.


Utgitt 2009 Reutgitt 2016
Format VINYL Sjanger Soul
Antall disker 1 Artist Diverse Soul/Funk
Label Strut Records Bestillingsnummer STRUT045LP