Cor-Crane Secret (VINYL)


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Helping to define the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, indie rock scene along with Superchunk and Archers of Loaf, Polvo displayed some of the slack-jawed passive aggression of those bands, but brought an entirely different sonic agenda to their 1992 debut. Frontman Dave Brylawski conveys the low-key snottiness of the era's alt-rock to a tee, but it's his and Ash Bowie's bending and breaking of conventional guitar arrangements and typical tuning that distinguishes COR-CRANE. The contorted anti-melodies and structures on barely-there songs like "Kalgon" and awkwardly driving, dynamic mini-epics like "Can I Ride" are reminiscent of few clear ancestral influences (though Sonic Youth and Cul de Sac come to mind). Yet COR-CRANE itself has impacted everyone from Modest Mouse to Explosions in the Sky, and probably should have put them in the same class as Nirvana at the time. Recorded at Duck Kee Studios, Raleigh, North Carolina between January 2-5, 1992. Polvo: Ash Bowie, Davd Brylawski (guitar, vocals); Steve Popson (bass); Eddie Watkins (drums). Spin (10/92, p.116) - "...amazingly tight songs dominated by dual, masterful guitar....The album's ever-changing textures, rhythmic patterns and tones, laced with clear and gentle J. Mascis-like vocals, make it the band's dreamiest and prettiest release to date..." Option (Nov.-Dec./92, p.138) - "...rife with tension and competing ideas, a dialectic that arises out of noise meeting silence....deeply affecting, exhilarating and cause for great excitement..." Reflex (12/15/92, p.73) - "...unsettling, but fascinating...Polvo can generate potent noise..."


  1. Vibracobra
  2. Kalgon
  3. Bend Or Break
  4. Can I Ride
  5. Sense Of It
  6. Ox Scapula
  7. Channel Changer
  8. In The Hand, In The Sieve
  9. The Curtain Remembers
  10. Well Is Deep
  11. Duped


Utgitt 1993 Format VINYL
Sjanger Indierock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 11 Artist Polvo
Label Touch & Go Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer TOU29322.1


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