Cyr (VINYL - 2LP - Coloured)

Smashing Pumpkins

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"CYR represents, at least symbolically, the makings of a dissociative life, which best as we can tell IS modern life: as presented through a variety of sources; past, present, and future.

Where even our own story as a band is often represented as something more grotesque and glorious than we actually experienced it.

Which, it should be noted, is fine. Because we've never fought the dream as a collective, or it's prickly twin (hence the snazzy title of one of our earliest records).

So in CYR you get 20 pieces of fractured ideology, neither here nor there but that's sort of the point.

To ape that which in the post-technology age is not so easily defined and pinned down, but can be shown in a lithe, restless melody."

– Billy Corgan
Utgitt 2020 Format VINYL - 2LP - Coloured
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 2
Artist Smashing Pumpkins Bestillingsnummer 0810016762775