Double Nickels On The Dime (VINYL - 2LP)


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The Minutemen: D. Boon (vocals, guitar); Mike Watt (vocals, bass); George Hurley (drums, percussion). Principally recorded at Radio Tokyo, Venice, California in November 1983 and April 1984. This sprawling double-length release is the Minutemen's undisputed high-water mark, and one of the seminal platters of the post-punk, pre-grunge years. It perfectly encapsulates the strengths shown in their early works, then ups the ante. DOUBLE NICKELS runs the gamut from hardcore funk and honky-tonk to vaguely avant-garde experimentation, jazzy workouts, and a Steely Dan cover. The level of songwriting has also been turned up several notches. The less-is-more aesthetic is still in effect--most songs last two minutes or so, and the essential elements of scratchy funk guitar and a hard and nimble rhythm section remain. But the canvas is more varied than before, with moments of oddball humor, songs about indoor plumbing, bizarro instrumentals, bits of gentle acoustic guitar. The group plays with its characteristic gusto, infusing songs like Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing and The Roar of the Masses Could be Farts with glorious rage. And d. Boon takes aim at such targets as the banality of advertising (The Big Foist) and the hell of working for the man (This Ain't No Picnic, one of their best) with articulate bluntness. One of many gems is a funkified live take of Creedence's Don't Look Now.


Disk 1
  1. Anxious Mo-Fo
  2. Theatre Is The Life Of You
  3. Viet Nam
  4. Cohesion
  5. It´s Expected I´m Gone
  6. #1 Hit Song
  7. Two Beads At The End
  8. Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth?
  9. Don´t Look Now
  10. Shit From An Old Notebook
  11. Nature Without Man
  12. One Reporter´s Opinion
Disk 2
  1. Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing
  2. Maybe Partying Will Help
  3. Toadies
  4. Retreat
  5. The Big Foist
  6. God Bows To Math
  7. Corona
  8. The Glory Of Man
  9. Take 5, D.
  10. My Heart And The Real World
  11. History Lesson - Part II
Disk 3
  1. You Need The Glory
  2. The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts
  3. Mr. Robot´s Holy Orders
  4. West Germany
  5. The Politics Of Time
  6. Themselves
  7. Please Don´t Be Gentle With Me
  8. Nothing Indeed
  9. No Exchange
  10. There Ain´t Shit On TV Tonight
  11. This Ain´t No Picnic
  12. Spillage
Disk 4
  1. Untitled Song For Latin America
  2. Jesus And Tequila
  3. June 16th
  4. Storm In My House
  5. Martin´s Story
  6. Ain´t Talkin´ ´Bout Love
  7. Doctor Wu
  8. Little Man With A Gun In His Hand
  9. The World According To Nouns
  10. Love Dance


Utgitt 1984 Format VINYL - 2LP
Sjanger Punk Antall disker 1
Antall spor 45 Artist Minutemen
Label SST Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer SST28.1