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Dream Time (VINYL)

Abdullah Ibrahim

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Calm, yet exuding a gripping power. In prelude, soft tones gently reveal the initial melodic content. Motifs emerge in echo, making way for a complete melodic statement refined through minute, unexpected details. The gathering stream flows directly into a single, liberating chord. A second melody follows suit, at once melancholic, morphing to bright lyricism, also settling on an open chord. Yet not an end, but a transition...Abdullah Ibrahim is a master of transition. Born October 9th, 1934 in Cape Town, South Africa-the iconic pianist soon celebrates 85 years on the planet. A pianist, whom at 85 continues to exhibit a long winded perseverance in performance. In the course of an hour’s time, an uninterrupted flow of melody-tonal beauty of a strong spiritual nature. This music towers far above the mere sum of it’s notes. Listening to the man in concert is like eavesdropping on his life story. Threads are laid out, some to be revisited, others quietly, almost unconsciously, the lattice entwines the audience, revealing fascinating moments of a life well lived. Moments unhurried, flowing slow and steady-sometimes stopping time itself. Such a modus operandi allows for an uncommon intimacy and a veritable archaic freedom from the hecticism of our times. Those who might immerse themselves in Abdullah Ibrahim’s music, will encounter an unfiltered tenderness of immense rarity.
  1. Trieste My Love
  2. Genesis
  3. For Coltrane
  4. Blue Bolero
  5. Nisa
  6. Blue Bolero
  7. Capetown District Six
  8. Sotho Blue
  9. Machopi
  10. Whoza Mtwana
  11. Blues for a Hip King
  12. Dream Time
Utgitt 2021 Format VINYL
Sjanger Jazz Antall disker 1
Artist Abdullah Ibrahim Bestillingsnummer ENJ96761

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