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Glenn Gould - Bach: The Goldberg Variations (1955 Recording) (VINYL)

Glenn Gould

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Bach: The Goldberg Variations is the 1955 debut album of the legendary pianist Glenn Gould. It launched Gould's career as a renowned international pianist, and became one of the most well-known piano recordings. Sales were "astonishing" for a classical album: it was reported to have sold 40,000 copies by 1960, and had sold more than 100,000 by the time of Gould's death in 1982. At the time of the album's release, Bach's Goldberg Variations, a set of 30 contrapuntal variations beginning and ending with an aria, was outside the standard piano repertoire, having been recorded on the instrument only a few times before, either on small labels or unreleased. The work was considered esoteric and technically demanding, requiring awkward hand crossing in various places when played on a piano. Gould's album both established the Goldberg Variations within the contemporary classical repertoire and made him an internationally famous pianist overnight. 

Disk 1
  1. Aria
  2. Variation I
  3. Variation II
  4. Variation III
  5. Variation IV
  6. Variation V
  7. Variation VI
  8. Variation VII
  9. Variation VIII
  10. Variation IX
  11. Variation X
  12. Variation XI
  13. Variation XII
  14. Variation XIII
  15. Variation XIV
  16. Variation XV
Disk 2
  1. Variation XVI
  2. Variation XVII
  3. Variation XVIII
  4. Variation XIX
  5. Variation XX
  6. Variation XXI
  7. Variation XXII
  8. Variation XXIII
  9. Variation XXIV
  10. Variation XXV
  11. Variation XXVI
  12. Variation XXVII
  13. Variation XXVIII
  14. Variation XXIX
  15. Variation XXX
  16. Aria Da Capo
Utgitt 1956 Reutgitt 2014
Format VINYL Sjanger Klassisk
Antall disker 1 Artist Glenn Gould, Johann Sebastian Bach
Label Vision Passion Classical Bestillingsnummer 8712177063949