Nattesferd - Limited Edition (VINYL - 2LP - Splatter)


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Kvelertak also embrace the let-the-good-times-roll side of metal as well. (For the record, the band describes itself first and foremost as "rock and roll.") And even songs are entirely in Norwegian, Kvelertak's third album Nattesferd is so thoroughly crammed with fist-pumping hooks it's easy to get the impression that he's singing about heading out to the highway the whole time. He isn't, but on the first song alone the band manages to marry blast beats to the anthemic power of Van Halen, Dokken, and Judas Priest. Nattesferd actually covers a lot more ground than Kvelertak's '80s ancestors did, but elements that might otherwise oppose one another blend into the experience seamlessly. Kvelertak's fellow revivalists (the Hellacopters, Bonded By Blood, The Sword, and pretty much any Sabbath-mimicking fuzz-rock band) can be so adamant about faithful replication that listening to them can feel suffocating. By contrast, the overwhelming feeling that comes across with Nattesferd is one of freedom to explore'. (Pitchfork)
Utgitt 2016 Reutgitt 2021
Format VINYL - 2LP - Splatter Sjanger Metal
Antall disker 2 Antall spor 9
Artist Kvelertak Bestillingsnummer INDIE173LPSPL
  1. Dendrofil For Yggdrasil
  2. 1985
  3. Nattesferd
  4. Svartmesse
  5. Bronsegud - SSQ
  6. Ondskapens Galakse
  7. Berserkr
  8. Heksebrann
  9. Nekrodamus