Now I Got Worry (VINYL)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Jon Spencer, Judah Bauer (vocals, guitar); Russell Simins (drums). Additional personnel: Rufus Thomas (vocals); Justin Berry (saxophone); Mark Ramos-Nishita (piano, Clavinet, organ); Thermos Malling. Engineers include: Mario Caldato, Jr., Doug Easley, Jim Waters. Recorded at Easley Studio, Memphis, Tennessee; G-Son, Los Angeles, California; and Waterworks West, Tucson, Arizona. NOW I GOT WORRY finds punk bluesman Jon Spencer and his band now genuinely interested in the musicality of the blues, rather than the mere surface attitude of the genre. The guitar work has become technically advanced, with respectable solos popping up throughout this album. The production firmly places the band down in the Mississippi Delta, with a scratchy, rusty sound--you can almost smell the mildew growing on the amps. It appears the Blues Explosion has also become interested in the textural ramifications of the blues. The band experiments with a dub-like sense of space on some songs, adding layers of raw percussion and vintage keyboards to the signature sweaty guitars, making for a more complex and challenging sound. But the Blues Explosion, while now embracing a more academic approach, has not forgotten how to boogie. This band is still a raucous force, with another album of rump-shaking songs under its belt.


Disk 1
  1. Skunk
  2. Identify
  3. Wail
  4. Fuck Shit Up
  5. 2Kindsa Love
  6. Love All Of Me
  7. Chicken Dog
  8. Rocketship
Disk 2
  1. Dynamite Lover
  2. Hot Shot
  3. Can´t Stop
  4. Firefly Child
  5. Eyeballin´
  6. R.L. Got Soul
  7. Get Over Here
  8. Sticky



Utgitt 1996 Format VINYL
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 16 Artist The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Label Shove Leverandør Playground
Bestillingsnummer SHOV11LP