Oh Mercy (VINYL - 180 gram)

Bob Dylan

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Oh Mercy was hailed as a comeback, not just because it had songs noticeably more meaningful than anything Bob Dylan had recently released, but because Daniel Lanois' production gave it cohesion. There was cohesion on Empire Burlesque, of course, but that cohesion was a little too slick, a little too commercial, whereas this record was filled with atmospheric, hazy production -- a sound as arty as most assumed the songs to be. And Dylan followed suit, giving Lanois significant songs -- palpably social works, love songs, and poems -- that seemed to connect with his past. And, at the time, this production made it seem like the equivalent of his '60s records, meaning that its artiness was cutting edge, not portentous. Over the years, Oh Mercy hasn't aged particularly well, seeming as self-conscious as such other gauzy Lanois productions as So and The Joshua Tree, even though it makes more sense than the ersatz pizzazz of Burlesque. Still, the songs make Oh Mercy noteworthy; they find Dylan quietly raging against the materialism of President Reagan and accepting maturity, albeit with a slight reluctance. So, Oh Mercy is finally more interesting for what it tries to achieve than for what it actually does achieve. At its best, this is a collection of small, shining moments, with the best songs shining brighter than their production or the album's overall effect. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine 205788 M.O.C. Paoli is one of the pioneering figures of the Goa trance scene, a longtime resident of Goa, India, and co-founder of the Cosmic Tramp & Plasma Pleasure project as well as a resident DJ at Ibiza's Bambuddha Grove. So his bona fides as a compiler of Afro-Oriental groove music are well established, which means that you can relax and trust him to select the best -- even if you're unfamiliar with names like Red Buddha, Herman Tladl, and the Hu. Nor does he disappoint when coming up with bracingly minimal techno from Dissidenten (as remixed by the great jungle DJ Badmarsh), complex Afro-electro swing from General Maans ("Jogulen"), bubbling and horn-heavy ethnomusicology from Bob Holroyd ("Drumming Up a Storm"), or eerie exoticism from Bahramji and Maneesh de Moor (the dark, beautiful, and very very long "Watch the Cat"). This is the type of project that could easily have descended into mere multi-culti mushiness, but M.O.C. Paoli never makes the mistake of sacrificing musical substance for feel-good bathos -- everything on this collection rewards close listening. Strongly recommended. ~ Rick Anderson


Disk 1
  1. Political World
  2. Where Teardrops Fall
  3. Everything Is Broken
  4. Ring Them Bells
  5. Man In The Long Black Coat
Disk 2
  1. Most Of The Time
  2. What Good Am I?
  3. Desease Of Conceit
  4. What Was It You Wanted
  5. Shooting Star


Utgitt 1989 Reutgitt 2013
Format VINYL - 180 gram Sjanger Rock
Antall disker 1 Antall spor 10
Artist Bob Dylan Label Music On Vinyl
Leverandør Bertus Bestillingsnummer MOVLP659