On Chant And Strum (VINYL - 2LP - 180 gram)

Son Volt

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On Chant And Strum er vinyl-utgaven av platen The Search. Vinylen inneholder åtte ekstra låter i forhold til CD-en.

Son Volt: Jay Farrar (vocals, guitars, bouzouki, piano); Brad Rice (electric guitar, baritone guitar, E-bow, electric sitar); Derry DeBorja (piano, organ, keyboards); Andrew DuPlantis (bass instrument, background vocals); Dave Bryson (drums, percussion). Personnel: Shannon McNally (acoustic guitar, background vocals); Eric Heywood (pedal steel guitar); Chris Deusinger (saxophone); Keith Moyer (trumpet). A dozen years down the line from the great alt-country schism that found Uncle Tupelo splintering into Jay Farrar's Son Volt and Jeff Tweedy's Wilco, the former gives the notoriously boundary-pushing Wilco a run for its money. While Son Volt was initially the rootsier band, the evolution that led to THE SEARCH finds the group at its most expansive. After personnel shakeups and solo projects, Farrar is the only remaining original member, and he takes advantage of the tabula rasa moment to reinvent the Son Volt sound. The twangy rock of yore is laced here with a bevy of unexpected sonic flavors: a soul horn section, atmospheric keyboards, psychedelic guitar effects, and more. Framing Farrar's ever-impressionistic lyrics, it all adds up to a bold new direction for a band that's traveled a long, rough road.


Disk 1
  1. The Search
  2. Carnival Blues
  3. Methamphetamine
  4. Bleed The Line
  5. L Train
  6. Phosphate Skin
Disk 2
  1. The Picture
  2. Beacon Soul
  3. Underground Dream
  4. Exurbia
  5. Adrenaline And Heresy
Disk 3
  1. Action
  2. Circadian Rhythm
  3. Bicycle Hotel
  4. Houdini Punches
  5. Acetone Angels
Disk 4
  1. Satellite
  2. Automatic Society
  3. Waking World
  4. Highways And Cigarettes
  5. Coltrane Free
  6. Slow Hearse


Utgitt 2007 Format VINYL - 2LP - 180 gram
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 22 Artist Son Volt
Label Red Ink Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer REDI721883.1


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