Plague Within (VINYL - 2LP - 180 gram)

Paradise Lost

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The Plague Within is the 14th studio album by the British band Paradise Lost. It was the band’s return to their death doom roots, ranking among the most diverse albums they have ever recorded. Paradise Lost reward the listener with plenty of memorable moments and fantastic guitar riffs. This album broods and builds more with each subsequent listen, and each time you feel a little more entangled in its web. The gothic metal band Paradise Lost are considered to be the pioneers of the death-doom genre and a big influencer for the gothic metal. They have been active for over thirty years, in a stable line-up where only the drummers changed during the years. The Plague Within is available on black vinyl with an etched D-side and includes a 4-page booklet.
Disk 1
  1. No Hope In Sight
  2. Terminal
  3. An Eternity Of Lies
  4. Punishment Through Time
  5. Beneath Broken Earth
  6. Sacrifice The Flame
  7. Victim Of The Past
Disk 2
  1. Flesh From Bone
  2. Cry Out
  3. Return To The Sun
  4. Side D: Etched
Utgitt 2015 Reutgitt 2022
Format VINYL - 2LP - 180 gram Sjanger Metal
Antall disker 2 Antall spor 11
Artist Paradise Lost Label Music On Vinyl
Bestillingsnummer MOVLPB2620