Ram - 50th Anniversary Limited Edition - Half Speed Master (VINYL)

Paul McCartney

Denne varen er dessverre ikke tilgjengelig for øyeblikket. Legg igjen e-postadressen din for å få beskjed dersom varen blir tilgjengelig igjen.

Paul and Linda McCartney‘s 1971 album Ram is to be reissued in May for its 50th anniversary as a limited edition half-speed mastered vinyl edition.

Recorded pre-Wings, with drummer Denny Seiwell and guitarists David Spinozza and Hugh McCracken, the album exudes a homespun, lo-fi vibe and, it has to be said, wasn’t particularly well received at the time, but is now widely considered to be one of Paul’s most accomplished post-Beatles works

There are no big UK hits on the record. The best known track on Ram is probably ‘Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’ which remarkably, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 (although wasn’t a single in Britain). The non-album track ‘Another Day’ preceded the release of the album.

Utgitt 1971 Reutgitt 2021
Format VINYL Sjanger Rock
Antall disker 1 Artist Paul McCartney
Bestillingsnummer 0602435577234