Rhythm Is A Dancer - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (VINYL - 10" - Yellow)


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Who does not remember the legendary lyrics? The synth sounds, the drum echoes, the pumping beat and the vocals starting with „Rhythm Is A Dancer“?

On March 30th, in 1992, German Eurodance act Snap! released the single „Rhythm Is A Dancer“, which soon turned out to be a worldwide hit, charting on #1 in several countries across the world. The track had been originally released as part of the platinum longplayer „The Madman‘s Return“ on March 24th. With their iconic single Snap! ultimately started the Eurodance wave and created a hype which continues to this day.

Celebrating 30 years the 30th Anniversary 10“ EP „Rhythm Is A Dancer“ will be released on a limited, sun yellow vinyl (45 rpm) on June 3rd 2022 including the hit 7” edits Rhythm Is A Dancer, Exterminate, The Power and Ooops up.

  1. Rhythm Is a Dancer (7" Edit)
  2. Exterminate (Feat. Niki Harris)
  3. The Power (7" Version)
  4. Oops Up (7" Edit)
Utgitt 1992 Reutgitt 2022
Format VINYL - 10" - Yellow Sjanger Dance
Antall disker 1 Artist Snap!
Bestillingsnummer 4050538787115