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Sackcloth 'N' Ashes (VINYL - 180 gram)

16 Horsepower

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16 Horsepower: David Eugene Edwards (vocals, guitar, banjo, bandoneon, lap steel); Keven Soll (acoustic bass, cello, background vocals); Jean-Yves Tola (drums, background vocals). Additional personnel: Gordon Gano (fiddle). Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee. On SACKCLOTH 'N' ASHES, 16 Horsepower wade through a murky world of old-time sin and redemption. The band creates a distinctive hillbilly-gothic sound with the help of various vintage and handmade instruments, and songwriter David Eugene Edwards' haunted, atonal vocals. Edwards--who plays, among other things, the bandoneon (an early twentieth century accordion) and the banjo--is backed by the military-style drumming of Jean-Yves Tola, and Keven Soll on a flat-top, acoustic bass. The musical result is one part country, two parts Julee Cruise--particularly on songs such as Horse Head, which features Edwards' voice in a desolate, lo-fi guise, sounding like a keening Tom Waits in hillbilly country. Thematically, this is darkly religious territory, full of death-related imagery and stern spirituality, set against a finely tuned, grim sense of drama. 16 Horsepower seem to hail from a long-ago era, with a horse-and-buggy vernacular that includes lines like these from Black Bush: These are the great dust bowl days/Just take a gander round ya/Everything in a wicked haze.


  1. I Seen What I Saw
  2. Black Soul Choir
  3. Scrawled In Sap
  4. Horse Head
  5. Ruthie Lingle
  6. Harm's Way
  7. Black Bush
  8. Heel On The Shovel
  9. American Wheeze
  10. Red Neck Reel
  11. Prison Shoe Romp
  12. Neck On The New Blade
  13. Strong Man


Utgitt 1996 Format VINYL - 180 gram
Sjanger Rock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 13 Artist 16 Horsepower
Label Music On Vinyl Leverandør Bertus Nordics AB
Bestillingsnummer MOVLP533


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