Starlight And Ash (VINYL)

Oceans Of Slumber

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Texas-based New Southern Gothic outfit OCEANS OF SLUMBER transmogrify on incredible new album, Starlight and Ash. The chrysalis stage that lasted from “Winter” (2016) to wildly applauded “Oceans Of Slumber” (2020) is now over. Equipped with a profoundly deep musical background, a staunch reverence for the American South, and starry-eyed artistic curiosity, OCEANS OF SLUMBER have created a sonic expression like no other. They’ve become singular, the first entry (and likely not the last) into a style that can only be called New Southern Gothic. Fronted by the inimitable power, range, and grace of vocalist Cammie Beverly, “Starlight and Ash” posits OCEANS OF SLUMBER in a league of their own. This is as much eloquent extensions of famed singer-songwriters Nick Cave and Chris Stapleton as it is the heartbreaking pulse of Type O Negative and Katatonia. “Starlight and Ash” isn’t Metal, but its edges are.
  1. The Waters Rising
  2. Hearts Of Stone
  3. The Lighthouse
  4. Red Forest Roads
  5. The Hanging Tree
  6. Salvation
  7. Star Altar
  8. The Spring Of '21
  9. Just A Day
  10. House Of The Rising Sun
  11. The Shipbuilder's Son
Utgitt 2022 Format VINYL
Sjanger Metal Antall disker 1
Antall spor 11 Artist Oceans Of Slumber
Bestillingsnummer 0196587013516

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