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Talk Is Cheap - 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition (VINYL - 2LP - 180 gram + 2 x 7" + 2CD)

Keith Richards

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In 1988, on a break from his band the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards released his first ever solo album, Talk Is Cheap. This universally respected debut is an eleven track masterclass in everything that’s good about rock ‘n roll and features guest appearances from an all-star cast including Sarah Dash, Bootsy Collins, Maceo Parker, the Memphis Horns, Patti Sciafia and Mick Taylor.
Remastered from the original tapes by Richards' collaborator, Steve Jordan, the album's joyous swagger is re-energised and permeates through each and every song. Talk Is Cheap sounds as good today as it did thirty years ago; in Keith’s words: “As fresh as the day it was made.”

Info & content:

• Contents are cased in an exquisite deluxe folio pack, wrapped in Fender style guitar case material.
• Remastered 180g LP album
• 180g LP of bonus material – Features 6 never before released tracks
• 7” single Take It So Hard / I Could Have Stood You Up
• 7” single Make No Mistake / It Means A Lot
• Remastered CD album
• CD containing bonus material – Features 6 never before released tracks featuring Mick Taylor, Bootsy Collins, & Johnnie Johnson
• Extensive 80 page hardback book with Anthony DeCurtis written essay featuring a new interview with Keith, including extensive rare and unseen photos from personal archives.
• Tour laminate
• 2X lyric sheets
• Reproduction Talk is Cheap playback invite
• Talk is Cheap tour guitar pick
• 2x posters
Disk 1
  1. Big Enough
  2. Take It So Hard
  3. Struggle
  4. I Could Have Stood You Up
  5. Make No Mistake
  6. You Don T Move Me
  7. How I Wish
  8. Rockawhile
  9. Whip It Up
  10. Locked Away
  11. It Means A Lot
Disk 2
  1. Blues Jam
  2. My Babe
  3. Slim
  4. Big Town Playboy
  5. Mark On Me
  6. Brute Force
Utgitt 1988 Reutgitt 2019
Format VINYL - 2LP - 180 gram + 2 x 7" + 2CD Sjanger Rock
Antall disker 6 Antall spor 17
Artist Keith Richards Label BMG Rights Management/Warner
Bestillingsnummer 4050538424959